Castle of Penedono


castle of penedono

Penedono e Granja, Viseu, Portugal
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12th century

During the eleventh century, the Castle of Penedono sat on the borders between the Christian kingdoms and the Muslim controlled-land. This led Penedono and its castle to change hands on several occasions. It finally landed in Christian hands upon conquest of the area by the Leonese King Fernando Magno in 1064.
With the political independence of Portugal under Afonso I of Portugal, the lands were incorporated into the new nation. Subsequently, his successor King Sancho I (1185-1211), realizing the strategic position on the then-border, encouraged the re-population through the granting of a Foral Charter in 1195.
The current configuration of the castle dates back to the reign of Ferdinand (1367-1383). The City Council at one point wanted to demolish the castle but the men of the village rose up and granted the castle its autonomy.

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