About us

Castlesworld.com brings the world of castles closer to you. Castles are some of the most popular historic sites on the planet. We have designed our site to give a smooth and simple user experience, with you in the central part of the action.

Easy to search website

Our flexible search function allows people to search for castles by selecting a country, or a region inside a country to narrow down the search. A list of All our castles and our Top rated castles is always available. Furthermore, users can easily filter or sort the search results to further drill-down to their exact requirements.

Custom search is also available and people can find interesting castles to visit near their chosen site. We update our list all the time, so be sure to check back !

All the key information on one page

We aim to provide users with all the key information about a castle in one place. Therefore, we not only provide the best and most suggestive picture, together with a description of each site, but also relevant location details, a detailed map, as well as a link to the place official website in case you are planning a visit or just want additional details.

Community-based site

We designed this website with you as a central figure. You can help us a lot, and we hope this will be fun for you too:

Submit a comment or review

Users can browse and comment on all our sites and point any additional information which they feel may help other people when visiting that castle. On the other hand, you are more than welcomed to share your personal impressions about a particular place. Be sure to check our terms of service and posting rules.


You can rate each castle based on your own opinion about the place. Just a simple click and the rating will be updated automatically.

The average rating gives you a hint about the popularity of a particular site between our Visitors. Just remember that our rating has no official status; it does not try to suggest that one place is worth visiting more than the other. After all, every site in this world may have its own beauty.

Update or change information about a castle

We try to ensure the information provided on our website is as accurate as possible. However, this might not be always the case.

If you think that some of the information about a place might be inaccurate or you want to add more important details, please send us a message via the specially designed form on each "castle" page.

Upload picture

Do you have a great picture of a particular place ? For every castle page, we have designed a form where you can upload an image: if you have a nice picture, we will add it to our image gallery or even replace our main picture; you can even send us your name if you want to be credited with the photo (or the person you think deserves the credit).

Very simple to use

We try to keep things as simple as possible. You do not have to create any accounts or send us any personal information (such as email addresses) to use our website.