Castle of Montribloud


castle of montribloud

Saint-Andre-de-Corcy, Ain department, France
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14th century

The Castle of Montribloud is a former castle that was later converted into a Renaissance chateau located in the Dombes area. It is constructed of brick, which is typical for the region.
The castle originated in the first part of the 14th century when Humbert V, lord of Thoire-Villars, built a small fortress on a mound. The fortress was gradually enlarged during the following centuries and, after changing hands several times, it was bought by Martin and Jean de Covet, Lords of la Mure in 1590.
It was the Covet family who transformed the castle into a Renaissance residence with mullioned windows. Moreover, in 1660, Antoine de Covet had the barony of Montibould established in the county.
In the 18th century, the castle became the possession of the Nicolaus family. They hired a well-known urban architect to rebuild the castle to their tastes. The castle was further enlarged following a Neoclassical design and a French formal garden was created around the edifice.
In 1826, the Lyonnais banker Melchior Bodin acquired the property from a member of the Nicolau family. The appearance of the castle was altered again according to the fashion of the time; the Bodins introduced slate roofs and remodeled the gardens in the English landscape style. The castle's appearance today largely dates from that period.
The castle today
The property still belongs to the Bodin family and is usually closed to the public. However, the castle is open for weddings, banquets or other festivities.

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