Castle of Haut-Ribeaupierre


castle of haut-ribeaupierre

Ribeauville, Haut-Rhin department, France
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11th century

The Castle of Haut-Ribeaupierre is one of the three castles which overlooks the village of Ribeauville; the other two are Castle Saint-Ulrich and Castle of Girsberg. From the three, Haut-Ribeaupierre is the oldest; located at approx 650 m altitude, it overlooks the other two castles.
The castle originated at about 1084 when a fortress was built on an earlier Roman site. By that time, it was known as the Altenkastel (or the Old Castle). In the 12th century the Lords of Ribeaupierre built Castle Saint-Ulrich; but in the 13th century, they came back to the mountain top and took possession of Haut-Ribeaupierre.
At the end of the 13th century, the castle was attacked by a member of the Habsburg family, but the siege did not succeed. From the 16th century, the castle was mainly used as a watchtower to prevent nearby fires and to observe enemy movements. It also served as a prison.
The castle today
The castle main feature is the impressive round keep which offers magnificent views of the Alsatian Plains and the nearby mountain crests. Unfortunately, most of the castle today is completely ruined and, due to security reasons, it is not opened to the public. However, it is possible to admire the site from the outside.

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