Aesch Castle


aesch castle

Aesch, canton of Basel-Land, Switzerland
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17th century

Aesch Castle is about 500 meters northwest of the gorge and Angenstein Castle and 1,500 meters north-northeast of the ruins of Pfeffingen Castle on the edge of the core of Aesch village.
Originally, on the site of the castle there was a hostel. The castle was designed from the beginning as a representative, multi-story mansion. Therefore, little value was placed on the defensive capability of the structure. The nearby Pfeffingen Castle provided the family with a defensive fortress, and the power of gunpowder weapons at the time meant that castles were no longer effective as fortresses.
Most of the current castle exterior dates back to the state after the great expansion in the 18th Century. However, the perimeter wall has been significantly adjusted and some portions have been totally demolished. Due to the many different functions that the castle has served, the interiors have been changed significantly.

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Does not look anything like a castle..looks like a light house..

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