Castle of Cons-la-Grandville


castle of cons-la-grandville

The Castle of Cons-la-Grandville sits on a rocky promontory above the river Chiers, surrounded by wooden hills and the village of Cons-la-Grandville. The present structure was built in the 16th century on the remains of a medieval fortification from the 11th century.
The first construction on the site was a stronghold built by Dudon de Cons at the end of the 11th century. Dudon de Cons was friend and companion to the famous Godfrey of Bouillon on the First Crusade. The castle was rebuilt in the 13th century for Jacques de Cons; a round tower and part of the curtain wall remain from this period.
The 16th-century castle was erected using Pierre de Jaumont, a yellow limestone utilized mostly during the Renaissance. It was partially destroyed during the Thirty Years' War and later reconstructed in the Classical style. Various other renovations and beautifications were performed until the 18th century when the complex was completed with a barn with rich woodwork and a garden.
The castle today
Today, the castle opens as an amalgam of architectural styles, from the Romanesque to the Classical periods. The lower, massive part reminds of the castle's original military defensive nature, while the upper parts call to mind the golden years of the Renaissance. A Benedictine priory built on a Romanesque style crypt from the 11th century stands at the site of the castle.
Restored since 1984, the castle and its grounds are open to the public.

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Cons-la-Grandville, department of Meurthe-et-Moselle, France
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16th century

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