Castle Morlanne


castle morlanne

Castle Morlanne is an imposing brick fortress built in the 14th century for Arnaud-Guilhem, the brother of Gaston Febus, the eleventh Count of Foix. This powerful fortress was constructed to supervise English Gascony.
The stronghold was transformed into a more elaborate residence in the 15th century by Odet d'Aydie, right-hand man of King Charles VII and the future Lord of Morlanne. He added more chimneys and windows, enlarged the rooms and built a new wing. Further modifications were performed in the next centuries and gave the castle the appearance of a pleasurable residence.
The castle changed hands many times until World War II, when it became uninhabited and fell into ruin. In 1969, Raymond Ritter, a scholar passionate about history, acquired the castle and decided to recreate the original architecture.
The castle today
Today, the castle looks as it survived intact its six centuries of history. It has the aspect of a medieval fortress, with gateways, a courtyard, moats and a high keep. It houses a rich collection of furniture and art objects, as well as splendid paintings. The high keep offers superb views of the village and surroundings.

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Morlanne, Pyrenees-Atlantiques department, France
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14th century

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