George Ghidrai

George Ghidrai

George Ghidrai is a history enthusiast with a particular passion for medieval times and especially castles and what these magnificent structures can reveal about past lives, traditions, and medieval warfare.

He has visited numerous castles and historical sites around Europe to get a better understanding of these fascinating designs.

Moreover, George is also interested in the research and study of medieval history which includes castles and other historical sites, historical events and prominent figures, etc.

Here are some historical articles written by George:

The Rise and Fall of Motte-and-Bailey Castles

How did Motte-and-Bailey castles withstand the test of time? Uncover the captivating defensive strategies and architectural marvels of these ancient fortresses.

Concentric Castles, the High Point in Castle Design

Step back in time to witness Concentric Castles - The medieval world's most astonishing fortresses! Explore the genius behind their impenetrable defenses.

Stone Castles, the great evolution in castle design

What challenges did stone castles withstand? Discover the stories of resilience and defense behind these historic strongholds.

Lichtenstein Castle - the Fairy-Tale Castle of W├╝rttemberg

Lichtenstein Castle is often considered one of the most romantic castles in all of Germany. Inspired by a novel, it was largely built to pay homage to medieval times.

Bodiam Castle - Formidable Fortress or just a Noble Palace?

Bodiam Castle is one of the most picturesque and beloved castles in Great Britain. For many historians, it represents the popular ideal of a medieval castle

The "castle-story", first part: how did castles appear?

Castles are some of the most popular historic sites on Earth. Find out how did castles originate and what makes a castle so unique.

George also created some inspiring videos: