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nijenrode castle
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Nijenrode Castle was built around 1260 by Knight Gerard Splinter van Ruwiel. The location of the Castle was well-chosen: a strategic spot on the narrowest part of the bank of the river Vecht. The river Vecht was part of the trade route from the market-town of Utrecht to the Dutch South Sea.
The Castle was destroyed in 1481 and in 1511. In the 17th century, Bernard van den Bongard III turned the castle into a splendid manor house with a castle-like form and a drawbridge. He also modernized and decorated the outward appearance of the building. The castle was given the typical characteristics of a knightly mansion in the Dutch Renaissance style.

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Breukelen, Utrecht, Netherlands
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13th century

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This was my families castle. I am a direct descendent. It is now a business university and quite renowned so I have heard. I will visit it one day.

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