Castle of Petite-Pierre


castle of petite-pierre

La Petite-Pierre, Bas-Rhin department, France
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12th century

The Castle of La Petite-Pierre was probably built at the end of the 12th century on an earlier stronghold that existed on the site.
During the first centuries of its existence, the castle was home to many noble families including the Counts of Hugo (Count Hugo is actually held as the original constructor), the Counts of Lutzelstein or the Count Palatine of Veldenz. For a short period in the early 13th century, the castle was held as an episcopal stronghold, under the Bishop of Strasbourg.
The French Army occupied the castle in 1677 under King Louis XIV; three years later, the hole region was joined with the Kingdom of France. At that point, Vauban, who was the foremost military engineer of his time, was charged with improving the fortifications. As a result, the castle became a strategic point allowing the control of the passage between Alsace and Lorraine.
The castle today
Since 1977, the Castle of La Petite-Pierre is the headquarters of the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park. It houses a permanent exhibition which allows visitors to discover the history of the castle, and the fauna and flora of the nature park.

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