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bamburgh castle
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Built on a dolerite outcrop, the location was previously home to a fort of the native Britons. The Normans built a new castle on the site, which forms the core of the present one.
As an important English outpost, the castle was the target of occasional raids from Scotland. In 1464 during the Wars of the Roses, it became the first castle in England to be defeated by artillery.
The castle still belongs to the Armstrong family, and is opened to the public. It also hosts weddings and corporate events. It has been used as a film location since the 1920s, featuring in films such as Ivanhoe (1982), El Cid (1961), Mary, Queen of Scots (1971), Elizabeth (1998) and both the 1971 and 2015 adaptions of Macbeth.
It's also used as a filming location for the legendary BBC series Robin of Sherwood

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Bamburgh, Northumberland, United Kingdom
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11th century

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Reviews and impressions

Just a perfect castle in a perfect location with a deep history.

The most amazing castle I have every visited from it stunning location perched on the sand dunes., to its inner court yard where we go every year to events

Stayed in Neville Tower this spring. It was amazing

A magnificent castle with tremendous views across a fabulous county!

Absoutely superb situation. Magnificent miles long beach to romp etc.
So peaceful, very friendly staff to explain its wonderful history and guide visitors around.

Beautiful Castle set in on the best beach in England.

A stunning castle.


Total joy when just round a bend in the road and it comes into view

Brilliant castle in gorgeous Northumberland, by far the best region in England

Bamburgh is the most stunning landmark in the UK. Set high up over looking the sea it is absolutely spectacular both inside and outside. A must see castle.

Fantastic castle, great staff and amazing views

Majestic and beautiful set in a location which is second to none.

Bamburgh castle is by far the most beautiful I have ever visited. Just stunning in every way inside and out. The back drop is also fantastic.

Truly majestic castle in magnificent, beautiful and tranquil setting.

A total showstopper! Second only to Carcassonne to me.

One of the regions best!

We love it here living in this iconic landmark is truly a privilege.

The best view in Britain!

Stunning Castle. Atmospheric inside and outside. Great place to visit then there is the beach, miles of golden sand

My favourite place on earth!

The best castle in the world, on the best beach in the world, in the best county in the world

It is the best castle in all of England and probably Scotland too!!

Between Bamburgh and Alnwick Castle two of my favourite castles in Northumberland

Majestic, imposing castle Set on the most magnificent beach

The best castle in the world.

An absolutely beautiful castle in a wonderful location!

Just absolutely stunning.

I don't really rate this castle. Not much of a backdrop compared to others. My favorite castle has to be Eilean Donan; just stunning set on the shore of Loch Duich North West Scotland with the Cuillin Mountains of Skye very very Beautiful.

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